Forest and Lake


The Forest:

A path of healthy walk in the forest was marked for the discovery of the flora and its perfumes.


A converted hut, at the highest point of the property with an exceptional view, to isolate yourself, to read or meditate, but also to organize a picnic.


For the less courageous, no worries, a forest vehicle will be available to take you and, also to transport the food to the cabin for a meal in a friendly atmosphere.


The Lake:

The presence of this body of water accentuates the unique side of the property. It is fully fenced and secured.


There is a luxuriant vegetation, and placed in the centre, gigantic flowers rising from the depths. This sculpture is in harmony with the natural atmosphere of the site, and at night, illuminates to guide you. 


Here you can also see wild birds. They have naturally appropriated places to enjoy the tranquillity.


You can also feel this peaceful side during your romantic boat trip, or during your fishing leisure. You probably will not interfere with the many fish that live beneath the surface.